About CHILD Montessori -- History

CHILD Montessori School began operations in January, 1986 when the founder, Jean Carol Stein, opened a primary level classroom. Her goal was to create a relaxed environment that would still enhance the learning of children on all levels. Her vision was to gently guide them with individual academic support while allowing each child to recognize his or her inner potential and talents. The school grew rapidly, and by 1989 had expanded to three classrooms, added both pre-primary and elementary programs, and had over 40 students. In 1993 the school moved to its current facility, which was designed to accommodate all facets of a Montessori program.

CHILD Montessori's programs were specifically developed to assist children during their most formative years. The values and unique style of teaching and learning at CMS quickly helped the school gain recognition within the community. The school initially focused on children aged 3-6, and subsequently expanded to provide programs for children aged 2 through grade 5, due to parental requests. CHILD also has a very small group of students in grades six through eight.


Whetstone Academy

Whetstone Academy, a division of CHILD Montessori School, located in Mountain Rest, South Carolina, began operation in May, 2011. While Whetstone Academy is a division of CHILD Montessori School, their programs and goals are completely different: Whetstone Academy is a therapeutic boarding school organized as a Montessori Erdkinder. The school provides a full therapeutic program in a Montessori environment for boys between the ages of 10 and 15 (grades 5 through 8). For further information, go to the web site for Whetstone Academy.