Academics -- The Pre-Primary Program (2-3 year olds)

PRE-PRIMARY provides a special, self-contained environment carefully prepared to meet the unique needs of children from 2 to 3 years of age. The furniture is of a size that allows maximum independence. The materials are designed to be attractive and inviting. 

THE PRE-PRIMARY CURRICULUM is designed to help the child develop in these areas: cognitive, motor, sensory, language, social, and daily-living skills. In the morning the children are actively engaged with the Montessori materials. In the afternoon, the children lunch and nap in their own room and then continue with learning activities. In this home-like setting the children come to feel the classroom is their own peaceful space where they play a meaningful role in caring for themselves and their environment. Social interaction with other children, development of language skills, exploration of the environment, and music with movement activities are integral to the Pre-Primary experience.

THE PRE-PRIMARY TEACHER, through careful observation, is able to link each child to whatever aspect of the environment will enhance the child's physical, psychological and social development at any given time. The teacher is always looking out for "teachable moments" when the child demonstrates an interest in a particular exercise. Children at this age learn through individual activity as well as paying attention to what others do—especially the adults in their lives. An open, supportive relationship between teachers and parents is essential to provide optimal conditions for the Pre-Primary child. There is even a special observation window for adults. We are proud to be one of the few Montessori schools in San Antonio to offer this option. 

THE PRE-PRIMARY CLASS is available as a Half-Day or Full-Day Program.