About CHILD Montessori -- Testimonials

July, 2014

Dear Jean,

We are so grateful to you and to everyone at CHILD for the many fruitful years our daughters have spent at this beautiful school.  It is a testament to the skill of the teachers and the loving atmosphere of the place that our three very different children have thrived.  Each of them has discovered a love of learning that is both deep and self-motivated, under the gentle guidance of their teachers.  We are so thankful to you for making this quality of education accessible to families like ours.  Your generosity and your vision have done immeasurable good for our children and for many others lucky enough to have been students at CHILD.


Eleen & Lance Curtright


January 30, 2012

After moving to San Antonio, our search to find a school for our son Lucas led us to investigate different options around the city. We are very fortunate to have found Child Montessori School. Lucas was three at the time. After our first meeting with the school director Ms. Jean, who was very knowledgeable in the Montessori philosophy, we felt that this is the right place for Lucas to grow and develop the foundations that will be with him for life. Child Montessori School has well qualified teachers who are supportive and kind with children. We feel that the secret behind the academic and personal growth that Lucas has experienced in Child Montessori School was Ms. Jean´s talent at creating a holistic teaching environment that not only addresses the child as  a student but also as a person. Lucas is ten-years old now and has had many teachers in Child Montessori School in primary class, lower elementary and upper elementary. He has pure joy to go to school, and in each of these phases Lucas has had wonderful teachers. Lucas’s pre-K and Kindergarten teacher Ms. Laura provided him a solid academic foundation and nourished his curiosity for learning, setting him up for elementary, with love and care. Even now, Lucas goes to her for guidance and has great pride when he assists in her class. Mr. John, Lucas’s lower elementary teacher, is wonderful with children. He is one of the best educators whom we have come across. He has a keen sense for the Child and the potential that lies inside. Lucas’s upper elementary teacher Ms. Cassie has been instrumental to get Lucas ready for the next phase in his schooling, middle school, and in our opinion beyond. Ms. Cassie is wonderful with children and tackles each child’s academic needs. She is a genuinely caring person and is always discovering new ways to help with any difficulty that may face her students. She is very creative and has incorporated a variety of methods for learning in addition to the curriculum, including field trips, poetry readings, guest speakers and plays. Special thanks go also to Ms. Lana, Ms. Meara, Ms. Ashley, Ms. Kathy, Ms. Carma, Ms. Lauren and Ms. Myrthea. Ms. Carmen, Lucas’s first teacher at Child Montessori School, will live long in our memories. We are very grateful for everyone, including those not mentioned here, who have helped Lucas during his years in the school. It is true that Child Montessori School is larger than the sum of its parts, much like a home larger than the sum of the house that contains it. Indeed, Child Montessori School is a home of learning and a place of which we will always think fondly.

Nameer and Christiane



January 12, 2011

Subject:  Child Montessori School 

I want to congratulate You, Staff, and the Teachers of Child Montessori for the incredible growth our daughter, Reeth Kaur Magoo has made, both as a student and a good human being.  We as parents have observed significant academic and social growth under your staff’s guidance.  Ms. Laura, Ms. Lana, Ms. Myrtheya, and Ms. Meara bear a very special mention for their efforts, care, and continued guidance.  You and Ms. Cassie have earned our thanks for your tremendous contributions to the warm and professional school atmosphere and Reeth’s growth.

We as professionals and parents observe and continue to be amazed with the extraordinary measures and steps that Child Montessori takes (among others) - in terms of education and educational tools, qualified staff, safety, vector control, etc. - always exceeding ‘requirements’.  We sincerely appreciate Child Montessori allowing us to contribute our time and share knowledge on special occasions in conjunction with the school curriculum.

Reeth is especially thankful (among other things) for the “individual attention and amount of time that every student in her class receives - to learn and grow”.

The best accolades for Child Montessori arise from the following (among others) facts:


  1. Reeth can’t wait for her vacations to end, so she can attend her class at Child Montessori,
  2. We as parents, are very happy with Reeth’s continued professional and personal growth at Child Montessori, and
  3. We recommend Child Montessori to our friends (even those living outside San Antonio) for their children’s education and growth.


Thank you again for making ‘Child Montessori’ a wholesome place of learning and growth.


Rosiee Magoo, Attorney at Law

Surindar Singh Magoo, P.E.