About CHILD Montessori -- Principal's Message

Our role is to nurture and preserve your child’s natural curiosity and to develop an openness to the unlimited possibilities of life.

At CHILD Montessori School, we believe in all of our students and consciously help them to achieve their potential in each area of our program. We do this through the use of gentle guidance, careful preparation of the environment and the presentation of each of the materials at the most receptive moment for each child. Progress in learning takes place because concepts become understood and mastered as the children explore and discover using the self-correcting equipment. Once this mastery is experienced by a child, the resulting self-confidence teaches them that nothing is unattainable and thus they are motivated to keep learning. CHILD teaches the children to value the process used to reach an answer rather than simply producing the product of the correct answer. By understanding the process, the child can find answers for any concept presented.

Building on this natural progression, Dr. Montessori developed a philosophy which embraces the whole child. She found that by placing children in a specially prepared environment to meet their physical, cognitive and social needs and to satisfy their intrinsic interests, children not only learn but thrive.

At CHILD Montessori School, this philosophy is expressed in classrooms where children, ranging in age over a three-year span, work individually or in small groups at developmentally appropriate tasks.

CHILD Montessori School is ungraded, with an open-ended curriculum that allows students to progress at their own pace. The curriculum follows the child rather than the child fitting into a set curriculum where all children are doing the same work at the same time. Our open curriculum offers children freedom of choice in a dynamic, energized, free-flowing classroom where learning is tangible.

The information we are able to provide to you on this website is just a snapshot of the warm, nurturing and stimulating environment your children experience at CHILD Montessori School (CMS). Parents wishing to visit the school are encouraged to contact us in advance for an appointment. Once a meeting is arranged, parents are given a guided tour of the school’s classrooms and common spaces, along with information about our teaching methods, tuition fees and policies. We would be delighted to provide you with a glimpse into the self-motivated, disciplined and nurturing environment that is CMS.

We look forward to meeting you and working together to ensure your child reaches his/her potential.

Jean Carol Stein,

Head of School